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Course Reserves

A comprehensive guide to using Leganto, our Course Reserves platform. Also included are policies for copyright and information for students.

Course Reserves with Leganto


In Winter 2023, the Library implemented Leganto, a new Course Reserve service available through Canvas. Leganto delivers course materials more efficiently to students, provides a better interface for instructors to request readings, and allows for easier integration of readings through our library search engine, Omni. Like our previous course reserve service, instructors can request readings to be digitized, linked or placed on physical reserve within the library. Leganto allows students to locate and access all required course readings on Canvas, and ensures that all readings comply with copyright law and the University's digital content and reproduction licenses. Click here to learn more about copyright and service boundaries with Leganto.


Leganto allows instructors to quickly and easily create engaging reading lists while providing students with access to content through a more streamlined experience directly from their Canvas course. With Leganto Course Reserves, instructors have more control over their reading lists, in addition to the following:

  • Submit syllabi instantaneously into the tool
  • Use the "Cite It" tool. No more typing requests for reading materials into online forms!
  • View integrated analytics to evaluate student usage of resources
  • Provides opportunities for students to engage in discussions through social annotations and read and respond assignments
  • Allows the library to help instructors make readings available quicker

Students can now:

  • Participate in more meaningful discussion with instructors and other students by attaching comments and questions directly into readings
  • Add private annotations which are not visible to others
  • Submit assignments and view grades

Leganto Demo