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Scholarly Communications: Open Research Statistics

A collection of Open Access Week events and resources for 2020.

How to check your stats

Open Research repository provides metrics and statistics so that researchers can track their hits and downloads. This short guide will demonstrate the various types of statistics that can be generated in Open Research.
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How do I get my work in Open Research?

To deposit your research outputs in Open Research contact Chris Landry, Scholarly Communications Librarian for assistance, or consult our Deposit Guide to deposit your own works.


1. Visit Open Research repository at and click on the Statistics tab.

2. The default view shows statistics for all items in the repository. However there are a number of reports that the software can display. To look at your own statistics select the Filter Items tab on the top-left and either search for or scroll to your name. 

3. In your author view you can see your downloads and hits over time, broken down by publication. From this view, you can acquire more information by clicking the Available Reports page. Reports include Comparison per year, Summary, Requests, and Deposits.

4. Requests show where in the world your works are being accessed from. Hover the cursor over a country and the number of downloads for that region will be displayed. Lower on the page you can see which indexes and search engines led users to your works as well as which browsers they used.