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Mental Health and Wellness at OCAD U

Resources and information on mental health and wellness for students, faculty, and staff.


This guide is intended to provide information and literary resources on mental health and wellness for students, faculty, staff, and OCAD U community members. Each section includes texts within the collection, external resources, and multimedia.

Mindful Campus Initiative

In February 2023, OCAD U introduced Mindful Campus Initiative

"This new program at OCAD U, developed by the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto, is made just for art and design students like you. This winter and spring, we're launching videos you can watch on your own time, in-person classes in groups and pop-ups to help your mental health. Just like eating or washing your brushes, mindfulness is easy to fit into your busy life to keep you going strong as an artist or designer." - Mindful Campus Initiative (2023).

Mindful Campus Initiative Graphic

Campus Mental Health Initiative

Mental Health Intiative Overview Chart

"Mental health and wellness affects all members of the OCAD University community: staff; faculty and students alike. Mental health is a multi-faceted concept and can be viewed as a resource for everyday life, shaping and contributing to the highs and lows of people’s day-to-day experiences. In the post-secondary setting, students embark on a unique journey, navigating through a chapter of their lives that is enriched with academic learning, new connections, life transitions, and personal and professional growth. This is a time filled with great achievement and challenges and potentially new and evolving experiences with mental health and wellness."


This guide is not meant to replace or act as a substitute for seeking professional medical assistance. If you are experiencing an emergency, contact one of the following:

Gerstein Centre: (416) 929-5200

Good2Talk Post-Secondary Student Helpline: +1 (866) 925-5454

ConnexOntario: +1 (866) 531-2600

Health Connect Ontario (formerly Telehealth): +1 (866)-797-0000

More resources outlined by the OCAD U Student Wellness Centre.