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Omni - Library Discovery Search

Omni replaces Summon as our public-facing discovery layer for navigating physical and electronic resources from OCAD U Library and beyond! This guide will cover everything you need to know to get started and make the most of Omni.

Frequently Asked Questions

When browsing by author, why do I only see books and not articles?
When using the browse by author function from the Advanced search page, you will notice that Omni only offers books by the author, and not articles or other types of documents. This is because Omni is searching the OCAD U book collection only and not its databases that contain journal articles. To find journal articles, you can use the Basic or Advanced search options, or better yet, use a specialized database.

Where does Omni get its content from? What is in and what is out?
Omni is a shared catalogue representing 18 university library collections, including the OCAD U. Omni therefore displays items from all participating libraries. With respect to articles and other resource types, these originate from databases that the library subscribes to, but it is important to note that not all databases are included in what Omni displays. It is important to become familiar with databases in your subject area so that you can find resources outside of what Omni offers.

Does the virtual browse function only show print books or digital books as well?
The virtual browse shows print and digital books.

How do I request resources from other libraries?

Using Omni, you can easily request physical books, journal articles, and e-book chapters from libraries throughout Ontario and beyond. To make a request you must be logged into your library account.

When you find a resource you would like to request, click "Get it from another library" in the "How to get it" section of the catalogue record. A pre-populated form will appear. If you are requesting a book chapter or article, make sure to fill in any additional citation information. Check off the copyright notification, then click "Send request". You can also request materials not found in the catalogue by using the blank Omni request form.

You will receive an email notification when physical materials are available for pickup. Electronic materials will be sent via email with a password protected link.

Please consult our interlibrary loans page for more information.

Why don’t ebooks have call numbers or subjects?
The library buys packages of ebooks that don’t always come with elaborate descriptions of each title. These titles are findable through keyword, title, and author searching.

Other questions not listed here?
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This page was adapted with permission from Bibliothèque de l’université d’Ottawa | University of Ottawa Library