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Plant Care and Propagation

OCAD University Library resources to support plant care, propagation and the inclusion of plant life in creative practice.

Steps to Propagation

  1. Identify a healthy section of plant to remove from the established plant, whether it is an offset or a leaf or stem. 
  2. Disinfect your cutting tool with rubbing alcohol 
  3. Take a cutting. With a leaf cutting, choose a healthy leaf and try to remove with the whole leaf in one piece. For a stem cutting, look for root nodes or air roots. Make a cut so that the bottom of the cutting has multiple root nodes or air roots that new roots can grow from. 
  4. Allow the cutting to sit until the cut section has dried out.
  5. Place the cutting in your growing medium or in a container with water. 
  6. Place the cutting in a location that provides the appropriate light and heat conditions for your new plant. 
  7. Check the plant daily to see if it needs watering or other care. 
  8. If starting cuttings in water, replace the water once a week. After two weeks, you should see some root growth. 
  9. For cuttings started in water, once the roots are substantial, repot the cutting into soil or another growing medium. 


A row of stem cuttings from crassula ovata or jade plant