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OCAD U Zine Library

Online Resources 

Online Zine Collections 

Online zine collections feature zines that are viewable online, or printable at home, and help spread the magic of zines to anyone with an internet connection. Here are some of our favourite collections: 

Indigenous Action Media

A collection of printable and screen-viewable zines that provide Indigenous perspectives on issues related to anti-colonialism and anti-capitalism.

Small Science Collective

A collection of printable and screen-viewable zines and mini comics on topics related to the sciences. 

POC Zine Project

A collection of screen-viewable zines hosted on Issuu focused on contemporary and historical zines by POC creators. 

Queer Zine Archive Project 

A collection of screen-viewable zines by Queer creators


A collection of printable anarchist and political zines available in multiple languages.

Other Zine Libraries

A comprehensive list of Zine Libraries is maintained by Jenna Freedman of the Barnard College Zine Collection at