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Course Reserves: Tracking & Changing Requests

Guide to using Library E-Reserves and Print Reserves Services

Course Reserves Item Statuses

Various statuses appear next to each item on the Course Reserves item page (see image below) that inform the instructor of the current stage (status) their reading request  is in processing.  These are the most common statuses that apply for digital and print requests:    

Awaiting Reserves Processing:  In cases where the instructor has added the item request to the Ares system and has not indicated that they will bring the item to the library or post it electronically, the item is placed in the Awaiting Reserves Processing queue.  This status is also indicated if Reserves staff have added the item but not yet located it by searching the Library's print and digital collections. 

Awaiting Review by Staff:  This is a typical initial status when the item is already available (i.e. by scanned PDF file or link) either because the instructor has uploaded or linked to the reading when submitting the new request or the reading has been cloned from a earlier course. Copyright/licensing, linking or scan quality of the item is reviewed in this stage. 

Awaiting Instructor Copyright Reconciliation:  The requested item may be over the allowable limit (e.g. the number of pages requested from a book exceeds the permissible amounts) or other licensing or copyright related issues exist in relation to the request.  Reserves staff have provided options to the instructor (by email) based on these copyright issues and are awaiting a response to proceed.  

Awaiting Recall Processing:  A catalogue search to  locate the requested item was completed and the item is available within the Library's collection in print; however, the item is currently checked out by a patron.  Reserves staff place a 'hold' on the title to ensure that it cannot be renewed by the patron and will be returned after the expiry of the initial loan period.  The Library does not typically hold multiple copies of the same title in its collection or acquire the same title in multiple formats; therefore, if the instructor has checked out any titles in the process of compiling their reading list they should return it as soon as possible for processing to proceed. 

Awaiting ILL Processing: The requested item is not available at OCAD U and needs to be borrowed from a different institution. Course Reserve staff are waiting on the shipment of the item before they can process the e-reserve.

Awaiting Acquisition Fulfillment: Acquisitions/Collections staff within the library have decided to order the item (typically books) as the item is not currently available within the collection but fits within the Library's collection policy. Reserves staff are waiting for the item to arrive and be processed (e.g. barcoded and catalogued) before they can process this item as an e-reserve or place it on print reserve.

Awaiting File Type Resolution: This status usually means the instructor has opted to upload a file that is an unsupported file type. Edit the request and submit a PDF file instead or contact e-reserves staff to resolve the problem.

Awaiting Supply By Instructor: The instructor has either selected "I'll Upload a File" and has not yet uploaded the file, or selected "I'll Bring a Copy In." and has not yet submitted their personal copy (e.g. hardcopy book) to Reserve staff using the "Add item" request form in Course Reserves.

Item Available on Electronic Reserves or Item Available at Reserve Desk:  The reserve item has been fully processed and is now completely available to students in the course either as a print or electronic reading.

Item Removed from Reserves:  After the end of term all items are 'removed from reserves' and no longer visible to students.  Licensing restrictions require that readings are only made available to students during the duration of the course in which they are enrolled.  These readings still exist within the Course Reserves system and instructors can still see, modify and clone the items to new courses they are teaching.  

If you have any additional questions about a status next to one of your requests, please contact E-Reserves staff for clarification.  

Item Status

Item status

Checking Item Status

You can track the status of your requests from the Reserve Items page (see image below). Next to each title is a status description that provides information on what stage the item is in processing.  

When the request is first submitted to the Course Reserves system the default status will be either Awaiting Review by Staff or Awaiting Reserves Processing.  The reserves processing lifecycle involves locating requested items in the collection, acquiring or interlending items not available within the collection or provided by the instructor, clearing copyright, and fulfillment and finally removal of the item once the term has ended.   Once a request has been processed by e-reserves staff in either of the default initial queues the status will change to any number of different statuses representing the various stages of processing; for example, an item not provided by the instructor or available in print or electronically within the Library's collection will likely be directed to the Awaiting Acquisition Fulfillment or Awaiting ILL processing queues, typically after being copyright cleared for use,  as the Library will need to secure a copy in order to proceed with scanning or otherwise making the reading available to students. 

Note:  For even more detail on the stages a particular item goes through in processing click "Show Details" to the left of a title on the reserve items page.  The item detail page provides information and dates related to every stage of processing.