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Storying Exhibition

by students of Contemporary Issues

Artist Name: Raf Dan McEwan

Title: Layered da Vinci

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size/Dimension: 22 x 24 inches

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

Layered da Vinci—with this piece, I work on a few ideas; mainly the concept of personality and its complexities. A person’s identity is comprised of layers of experiences, tendencies, flaws and strengths, each that swirl, combine, overlap and mingle to create the person that you are today. The beauty of one’s character and personality are that they are ever-changing, ever-morphing and constantly influenced. Thus, the title’s meaning is slightly exposed. Layered. The persona that is once again multi-faceted, overlapping and complex — and da Vinci: a man whose mind was constantly growing and learning, and whose unfinished quality is reflective in his artworks, which were rarely ever completed.