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Course Reserves: Linking E-Reserves

Guide to using Library E-Reserves and Print Reserves Services

When Adding Links

Some library databases have licence terms which prohibit posting material, such as journal articles or ebook chapters, to Learning Management Systems like Canvas. JSTOR is one such example where licence terms do not permit uploading articles to Canvas; however, linking directly to articles within the database is permissible. In the case of most library databases durable links to materials can be created and added to reserves pages rather than uploading content directly.   

If you want to add an item from the databases to your course reserves list, you will need to choose "it's already online" and enter a stable URL in the provided field. 

Accessing Stable URLs

Accessing Stable URLs

Some databases provide direct access to stable URLs or "permalinks." 

When you are accessing an article in a database, look for keywords like "permalink," "document URL" or DOI in order to create durable links to the item. For full instructions on finding or creating stable URLs see the library's Creating Persistent URLs document attached below.