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Artists as Writers

How to Use This Guide

What can I find here?

This guide is dedicated to listing work by artists who are also writers. This includes artists who write about art, fiction, articles, and much more. If you are researching an artist, this guide can help you find what the artist themselves has written about their work, their attitudes towards art, and more.

This guide focuses on contemporary (19th century to present) Canadian artists (with an emphasis on those affiliated with the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) University).

Each genre and artist page contains a list of written works that you can use to direct your research or find inspiration for your own artistic practice.


How do I find it?

There are two ways to use this guide. First, you can click on "Find Writing by Artist" to browse a list of artists who are also writers. Select an artist to view an organized bibliography of their writing.

Second, you can browse writing by genre. Click "Find Writing by Genre" to browse a list of genres (fiction, autobiography, etc.), and select a genre to view of list of publications.


How can I access it?

Some of the books and articles listed in this guide are available through the OCADU Library, or published online by the artist themselves. For these items, you will find links to the library website.

Unfortunately, many items are not in our collection or available for free online. For assistance tracking down a particular resource, please contact the library.